Alternate Line Service (ALS) aka Line 2


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Jan 17, 2010
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Some mobile networks, e.g. Orange in the UK, offer a second line on the same SIM card with a different phone number from the main line 1. This service is often branded as "Line 2" but the GSM technical name is Alternate Line Service or ALS. Many WM devices don't support ALS, but it nevertheless is usually possible to receive calls on both lines even if the device doesn't support it. The SIM always knows which is the active line for outgoing calls, either line 1 or line 2, and GSM phones that support ALS allow the user to switch lines very easily. On WM devices that don't support ALS, the SIM's active line is used for outgoing calls, but there is no way to switch the active line. There are some tricks such as holding down the # key that can do this, but it doesn't work on my HTC Touch 3G. I therefore have to remove the SIM from the WM phone, put it in an ALS-supported phone, switch lines, and then put the SIM back in the WM phone, which is very awkward. Is there any WM software I can install on the phone that will allow me to switch the active line on the SIM for outgoing calls?

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