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And so it begins


New member
Nov 24, 2012
Hello all!

My name is Daniel, and I'm beginning my path down the windows systems. I've used windows as my desktop for years at both home and at work. I haven't updated my desktop to w8 yet but I decided on the surface tablet which I am typing from right now, and I am planning on moving off my iphoe 4s to the lumia 920. Just thought i'd say hi and tell you all a little about me.

I am a college grad with a BS in computer science, and I would actually be very interested in doing some app dev for win8, just need to find time! I've been watching these forums for awhile now and decided I should finally make an account in case I need help or have questions or if I can help others.

I guess i'll see you all around!


Retired Moderator
Jan 1, 2011
What's up Daniel. Welcome to WPC and soon, congrats on your new device.