Any free/demo games for me to show my fiancee on 360?


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Oct 2, 2012
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I'm having a friend borrow me a 360 for the weekend (and GTA V :D) while he's not around and my fiancee has always sorta been open to (console) gaming, enjoying some of my old GameCube games. She's not very.. handy with games or the controllers though so I was wondering if there would be any nice games we could play together (co-op of some kind) over the weekend, but since it's just for a few days I obviously won't buy anything cos I don't have a 360 of my own.

My friend has all kinds of nice co-op games, but they all involve killing something and that's not the kinda thing my fiancee likes :D So do you know any "softer"/easy games with a nice co-op that could at least be tried for free?

For example, she quite enjoyed Pikmin and Super Mario Sunshine on GameCube, but both were too hard for her eventually (hell, both were too hard for me and never beat either game lol), but I guess that could give an idea what sort of games could work. It doesn't necessarily even have to be co-op, she could play something like those on her own too with my assistance.

Maybe I won't sleep in the balcony after I buy the Xbox One then if she's already a bit familiar with the device (even if 360) :D

So any good titles?
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