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Anyone found a good armband for the Lumia 920?

red grenadine

New member
Nov 27, 2010
If you do, please update us!

Also - are you sure the L900 fits properly? Maybe I can just use my L900 as an MP3 player in that case


New member
Dec 4, 2012
I tried this one Amazon.com: Fire Red VG Water Resistant Hardcore Neoprene Workout Armband with 2 Piece Adjustable Velcro Strap for Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 Smartphone + SumacLife TM Wisdom Courage Wristband: Cell Phones & Accessories Works pretty well except that the clear plastic is the exact size of the screen at the top, so it covers the light sensor. Phone thinks it is in a dark room and dims down to lowest setting while I am outside trying to run. I just have to remember set the screen to manual before I run. It is a little weird too that the top of the phone is left open, but it doesn't go anywhere. Oh, if the touch+display is set to high, it does weird things when you try and swipe, turn it off and it works normal


Apr 4, 2012
Nope, but you better put a Lumia 920 on each arm, otherwise you will wind up looking like this: