anyone have the tilt 2 yet? or touch pro 2, got a question about audiomanager


Aug 28, 2008
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I had a specific question regarding HTC Audiomanager (and the tab) in this version of TF3D.

In the older att tilt and older versions of Manila and HTC Home, if you were playing a song, but then hit the library button to go back and pick a song, it would remember where you left off on your list. Or the song that was playing currently. For example. If you had songs listed from #A,B,C to Z...if you were listening to Womanizer by Britney Spears, if you hit the library button it would show that song first rather than say some sony that started w/ a # or A (basically the beginning of the library).

But when i moved from the Tilt to the Fuze i noticed that anytime you hit the Library button the player always reverts to the beginning of the list.

My first question is on the Tilt2 and TouchPro2 when you hit the library button does it revert to where you left off, or does it automatically got back to the beginning like on the tilt.

Secondly, for those that have a good amount of songs, is there anyway to quickly scroll through a list of songs. Say if you have 400+ and you're browsing the music by song name, if you want to get to 'Sharp Dressed Man' at the bottom of the list, do you just have to spend forever flicking the screen...or is there some type of scroll bar like there was in older versions where you can just drag it down.

thanx in advance...


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Oct 14, 2007
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I have the Tilt 2. I am running energyrom photon w/manilla 2.5. I do not have 400 songs, but enough to scroll. 1st question, it goes to the beginning of the library. 2nd question,
there is not scroll bar. You are left to scrolling. I hope this helps.

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