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Apollo Wishlist


New member
Jul 29, 2011
Not having access to Mango as yet, I can't comment on whether progress has been made in any of these areas, but hoping MS could address some of the following?... for a start

1. Quicker way to toggle communications - it's become too much of a chore.
2. Allow Devs Video Upload tools please. I prefer to home edit before uploading a video, but sometimes it's nice to share a quick clip?
3. Further access to Devs for editing media, if iOS can feature a video editor, why can't we?
4. Hub Transition options, slides, fades, off etc.. keep it fresh!
5. XBox Global Leaderboards - it's needed.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Windows Phone! but wish it could be my baby for everything. MS have got to realize at some point, that what they believe users want from a device and what we actually want are two different things :)


New member
May 21, 2011
Not trolling by any means, but personally, I don't get or see the need for full blown video editing on a phone. I think if I want to edit video, other than maybe clipping, I would want to do it on a bigger screen, and using something like Movie Maker.

Completely agree with the quick toggle of the comms.

I have a feeling that Apollo is going to be killer! There was an article awhile back (tried to find it with no luck) and the subject was a guy that works in MS Research on the phone. There was writing on the white board where there were some code names of some cool sounding things... could be crap, but those guys are my new heros!

MS just recently signed a license agreement with GeoVector for some pretty cool stuff .
Microsoft signs licensing agreement with GeoVector for mobile augmented reality patents | wpcentral | Windows Phone News, Forums, and Reviews


New member
Jul 30, 2011
i hear tango will be next and apollo will be windows phone 8 or whatever they call it.
regardless, my wishlist

1. realtime multiplayer gaming on xbox live where i can invite my friends and say hey lets race in PGR or find other people i dont know close to my skill set and race.
b. interoperability with people xbox games. fable coin golf is a nice start but itd be amazing to interact with xbox games using my phone like the dodgeball kinect demo they showed.

2. the ability to send media (pictures, songs, short clips, maybe even documents) directly do another device using wi-fi direct, nfc, or bluetooth. An old flip phone can send a picture to another phone/device via bluetooth but a windows phone cant... unacceptable.

3. Saving locations to contacts. I realize in mango the maps section now has a favorites so you can favorite certain locations but i wish you could customize the name of said locations like "so and so's house" or on the occasion that your following someone to their house once you've arrived i wish you could open the map, tap and hold and save this location on that persons contact card. i also wish you could write notes about a location like remember to order xyz at this restuarant, and it would pop up when your near that spot, or you could see that note when you tap that location.

4. nfc support

5. better landscape support

6. zune video marketplace