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Oct 27, 2011
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[app] Photo Tweet - One Click Photo Twitter Client


I have published Photo Tweet in Marketplace.

The application allows taking and publishing photo on Twitter in one click! Photo Tweet allows concentrating on tweeting your photos, not text. It would be useful for reporters, events attendees, eyewitnesses, paparazzi etc.

You start Photo Tweet and immediately can see viewfinder?s stream on the screen. Just click the first application bar button ('capture') or hardware button to take a photo and send it to Twitter (no confirmation before sending a photo now!). Your photo will be shrunk before posting to reduce mobile traffic. Also, you can set text (set of hash tags) that will be published with your photo to target your tweet.

Photo Tweet has some other nice features, like flash mode control, camera type control (primary/frontfacing), shutter clank sound control, focus at specific point by tapping on the screen (if camera support it), taken photo is stored in Picture hub.

Application supports English and Russian localization now (more languages are coming soon!).

Other features that will be added in next versions:

  • User will be able to control sending photos process;
  • Photo preview before sending;
  • User will be able to open Text to Tweet Settings screen from main screen ;
  • Photo Tweets history;
  • Continuous upload for taken photos;
  • Publish photos from Picture hub;
  • Localization for more languages;

Zune deep link
Web marketplace link
Twitter account @PhotoTweetMob
Email for support: PhotoTweetMob@hotmail.com
Submit ideas or features here

Hope, you like the Photo Tweet!
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