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Apple set to beat Microsoft in the consumer AR market


New member
Oct 8, 2013
According to a recent Mac Rumours story, Apple are readying a consumer AR headset, which they hope will eventually phase out the iPhone in the next 10 years.

The question that has to be asked, are Microsoft on the verge of losing the consumer AR race?

Hololens has been around for years, but so far Microsoft haven't even made a single reference to it becoming a consumer facing device, despite showcasing cliff house, games and other consumer focussed features.

It'll be a crying shame if Microsoft squander a 5 year + lead. Typical, but a shame nonetheless.

Full story at https://www.macrumors.com/2021/11/25/kuo-apple-ar-headset-mac-level-computing/


May 15, 2013
Macrumours are hardly a unbiased source lol 😅.

Most people don't realise how much hinges on UWA... I guess Microsoft's bean counters don't either.