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apps remain safe if i remove all of my apps and games to memory card and then hard reset my phone...


New member
Aug 17, 2014
hi i want to know if i remove my all apps and games to m.card and than hard reset the phone... will i able to get all my stuff back from m.card or not... plz help me...


May 15, 2013
In short, No.you will not.

You will not get data back for games and apps that do not utilise onedrive for cloud save.

Any game or app that is discontinued from the store will not restore as all games and app re-install directly from the store - not from your back up. Even if you have apps and games on your SD card, they most likely will be over written during the re-install process.

To restore, once the phone has finished and rebooted, when prompted log in with the same account that you used previously when you set up your phone.

I hope this clarifies how the back up system works