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Asus Rog Ally


Dec 23, 2010

ROG Ally Gaming Console

View DetailsROG Ally AMD Ryzen Z1 ExtremeROG Ally AMD Ryzen Z1
Operating SystemWindows 11Windows 11
ProcessorAMD Ryzen Z1 ExtremeAMD Ryzen Z1
IGPUAMD RDNA 3 GraphicsAMD RDNA 3 Graphics
Display7-inch / FHD (1080P) / 120Hz Refresh Rate / AMD FreeSync Premium / Gorilla Glass Touch Screen7-inch / FHD (1080P) / 120Hz Refresh Rate / AMD FreeSync Premium / Gorilla Glass Touch Screen
On-board Storage512GB PCIe® 4.0 NVMe™ M.2 SSD512GB PCIe® 4.0 NVMe™ M.2 SSD

Here's a great vid from Linus Tech Tips:

Yes, I have preordered it from Best Buy and can't wait!

It's going to be my portable Steam and PC Game Pass box. I don't plan on buying any games for it per se. I read about the complaints but many of these complaints (the software) will be worked out just like the Steam Deck which was released in a rough state too.

I also plan on using it as a second laptop next to my Surface Pro 9. I've always wanted a Surface Pro with AMD and because of crappy Intel, I've had to live with Intel crappiness. It's funny how Surface Pro ebbed and flowed based on the Intel CPU generation. Surface Pro 2 and 3 were great because Haswell was great. Surface Pro 4 was a dog because of the unreliability of Skylake (Skylake was the final straw for Apple and the reason Apple decided they needed to get away from Intel). Surface Pro 2017 was pretty great on Kaby Lake as that fixed most of the bugs with Skylake. Surface Pro 6 was awesome by moving to quad core from the dual core of previous generations. Surface Pro 7 was fine. Surface Pro 8 was good. Surface Pro 9 has some serious power management issues in Windows 11 and 12th gen mobile Intel processors have been universally reported as pretty bad.

But back to the ROG Ally. It's pretty amazing power for the price. I don't see any major issues. Since I've grown up on Windows PCs with touchscreens, even small touchscreens, I don't see anything I can't handle. I know how to tailor the touchscreen UI to work for me. Yes, Windows 10 and Windows 11 deprecated touch experience but slowly Windows 11 has gotten to the point of being a good touch system.

Jez Corden

Staff member
Jan 29, 2013
@dirtyvu great thread. yeah ive gone back and forth on it, i have a ssteam deck and i love lowering the wattage on the cpu and getting monster battery life in 2D games. and i was nervous about some of the initial reports of ROG Ally battery life, but it seems the latest firmware updates and software improvements have gone a fair way to improving things.

it shines a light on microsoft to step up and help this form factor find its footing with windows. the biggest downside for me seems to be windows right now, which just is not designed for this form factor. steam OS is much nicer, even though i run windows on my steam deck for xbox game pass / xbox play anywhere, there's a huge opportunity microsoft has missed while it chases other bs.

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