AT&T HTC 8X stuck on gears


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Sep 6, 2013
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I got my HTC 8X on August 23rd, and for the most part it has been an excellent phone.
On September 1st, I was laying on the couch, playing on my phone until the battery died. I noticed that it was low on battery due to the flashing red notification light, but I was too lazy to get up and plug in an extension cord in the middle of the night to connect my charger. After my phone died, I laid it on the table next to the couch and fell asleep.
I awoke the next morning, plugged my phone into the charger and noticed something strange: It was going through a boot loop. It would get to the AT&T logo, then it would stop charging, then it would turn back on and do it over and over again. I used a different power cord, a different outlet, and it had nothing to do with my power source.
I decided to Google my issue, and sure enough, tons of people have gone through the same thing with their HTC 8X phones. I preformed the hard reset like I had been advised in another thread.
However, something happened that I have yet to find a solution for. I noticed that my phone had been doing this hard reset for an awful long time. I let it reset overnight while connected to my HTC charger, and when I woke up the next morning, it's still stuck on the gears. It's been cycling through this for the past few days, I've been watching it. It will "finish" the hard reset, then turn on and go to the HTC screen, then it will start the hard reset again.
What do I do? Is my phone completely bricked?


Apr 10, 2013
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Can you try connecting your phone to a computer and see if it recognizes it?

Also the hard reset, timing is the key, if you miss even by a split second, the attempt is failed and you have to start from the scratch. There 'may' be a chance that you missed that split second?
I've seen people do as much as 20 tries to get it right.

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