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at&t nokia lumia 920 unlock france orange data service


WPCentral Question

My daughter unlocked her AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 before leaving for a year to study in France.

She signed up for one month with the French mobile service Orange. She paid roughly $70 for one month to get 60 minutes of international calling, unlimited cell phone calls in France, and a few gigs of data service.

Although she can make calls with her phone, she cannot get the data service to work. She got technical support from an Orange technical at one of their offices, and he was not able to get the data service to work.

She has subscribed online to another service, B and You, and she is waiting for the SIM card to arrive. Hopefully, the B and You data service will work.

Has anyone else experienced a problem getting an unlocked AT&T 920 to work in France?

Thanks, Bren
Sep 16, 2013
Not a problem mate... Had this myself...what she needs to do is go to



Make sure the data connection is ticked to on

Hope that helps

Bren Besser

New member
Aug 19, 2014
Thanks for posting a reply.

My daughter does not see "Cellular + SIM" in the settings.

I looked on my sons phone. I can see it there, but he's running Windows Phone 8.1.

I wonder if the fact that "Cellular + SIM" is missing from the settings on my daughter's phone is an indication of a problem.

I'm thinking she should reset the phone to factory default.

I saw a posting that said that when you put the SIM card from Orange in your unlocked phone, the phone will begin to display everything in French. That did not happen on my daughter's phone.
Sep 16, 2013
To display in French she would have to go to settings then select language. As for the data service i apologize as I can't remember. It may be worth a shot to use Microsoft main site to locate the settings there


Community Review Team
Nov 12, 2012
she may need to tweak the "APN settings" for proper data and MMS.
it is found under "access point"

also the "cellular+SIM" settings panel is not always there.
the SIM will never change the language. I have an AT&T SIM in my 920 flashed to the French ROM and i had to set it to English initially.

I do not think resetting the phone will help.