Ativ SE camera wont take pictures

Lee Zahir

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Oct 8, 2014
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just received my phone yesterday. no update to it. it's completely stock. When I open my camera the viewfinder comes up and it says "tap screen to take picture". When I tap screen to take picture nothing happens. I can pinch to zoom but no picture. The camera will work if I reset and don't sign in but I want all my stuff on here. tried uninstalling all the other "lenses" but no change. any ideas?


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Aug 7, 2013
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Soooo I found a fix to this. As noted above, I was experiencing the same symptoms for the camera issue. I was coming from a Nokia handset. The Lumia 928 to be exact. I actually took my my Ativ SE back to Verizon for a replacement, and specifically tested the camera before I left.....It worked home. However, once I got home, logged into my Microsoft account, and did the restore to get all my apps and contacts I noticed that it started doing the same thing. The Camera app would work, but wouldn't take photos.

Alas I tried doing a factory reset, and did manual setup (apps, email, and everything else) and I haven't had one hitch!!! The phone EASILY out does the Nokia I had before in every aspect. The camera is far superior in everything except low light. Other than that, speed, functionality, battery life, screen, storage, build quality, and everything else, this is the best Windows Phone by far.

Before I got this phone I thought all phones ran Windows Phone at the same speed, but the Ativ SE is far snappier than my 928 and the 930 and M8 I played with.

So bottom line..... If you're having this issue with your Samsung, do a factory reset, and a manual setup NOT a restore!!

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