Aven Colony review: A sci-fi city builder for Xbox One where the bugs are scarier than the aliens

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Dec 17, 2013
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Aven Colony takes the city building genre into space. But does this game reach for the stars, or fall into a black hole?
After the success of Cities: Skylines on Xbox One, I've found myself enamored with the city-sim genre ever since. I've previously written about Surviving Mars, which is an in-development space city builder heading to Xbox One, from the same publisher as Cities: Skylines. I've also previously reviewed Planetbase, which is a modest take on what it might be like to attempt to build a colony on another planet, complete with all the hazards you might expect with space faring.
I found Planetbase to be an addictive title in short bursts but found the lack of creativity possible in the game to be a little frustrating. Thus, I had high hopes for Aven Colony to achieve where Planetbase didn't. Aven Colony is now available for Xbox One and PC, and while it's certainly deeper than Planetbase, crippling bugs prevent it from achieving its true potential.

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