Backed out Windows 10, Big Improvements, Small Potholes


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Jul 13, 2015
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Hi Everyone,

Well I'd bought two Lumia 640 4G LTE Go-Phones to use on H2O Wireless. One I got for $59.99 and the other for $29.99 on Black Friday. The whole idea was to do a side by side comparison of Windows 8.1 Update 2 and Windows 10 build 10586. I've owned a 920 and and a 820 before and tried W10 on the 920 only to back it out. I must say the the 640 running build 10586 was impressive. Major improvements to the basic components like mail and calendar, but small bugs that drove me to the edge. I do think they are close, but if they release it now, it will be too early. Had problems wthl "in call" stuff. Twice my cheek seem to dial people while I was in call or voicemail. Not fond of the initials in front the contact names. For me, Windows 8 is so solid. I need it to just work for business and personal and can't have small glitches effect my day to day. I do see how the platforms are starting to come to together. I hope that Microsoft stays on course and completes their vision. I will give it a try in the future after they release it, but for now, I'm back to 2 640s running Denim. P.S. What happened to the Notification Light ?


Aug 11, 2014
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The technical preview, regardless of the build, is not the best indicator for the stability of the OS. It's just not optimized, especially for each particular device.

An example is my 830 and my 950 that are both running the same build. While the latest build is a big improvement on the 830, it's still not perfect. While I have had ZERO issues with my 950 (other than a lock screen app the caused a restart, but that cleared up when I uninstalled it).

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