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Batteries end up very fast!

Mister Brendon

New member
Apr 3, 2018
My batteries end up very fast. this is normal? lasts just over an hour
dell visor, sony 2600mha battery
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Mar 31, 2016
You mean the batteries in the controllers I assume? They should definitely last longer than that, I recall reading that their target battery life was around 8 -10 hours.

I'm almost certain the controllers are the same regardless of the headset brand.


VR Expert
Sep 30, 2007
The controllers are all made in the same process that MS makes the Xbox controllers. Doesn't matter what brand of MR you get, the controllers are the same, just with different silkscreened logos.

One thing that can destroy battery life is your PC keeping BT connections up and running when it doesn't need to be going. I had an issue with that on a demo PC I was working with. Made sure that I had BT set up in Power settings to drop when needed, issue resolved.