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Battery drain and phone heating up after factory reset


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Yesterday i did a hard reset to my huawei w1 hoping it will fix the well known sd card issue that seems to care noone. After waking up today i discovered that my battery was quite empty so i charged it to 100%. i unplugged it at about 17:00 and it has been 7.5 hours and i only have 19% left. I didn't use my phone basically at all today. Im affraid it's because of that sd card issue( everytime my phone is restarted i have to remove battery while phone is charging ) It is weird because i worked nicely before the reset... Has anyone experienced something similar? Really could use some help lads!


New member
Jun 10, 2014
After the hard reset, did you make sure to restore all the original settings on the phone (please excuse me saying it, I don't mean to offend!) because it looks like something is making the battery work hard, such as Location reporting, syncing?

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Janno Alleman

New member
Aug 15, 2014
Yes i made sure, also checked if i turned out location and other similars. Phone was still heating up and draining. just unplugged it, we'll see how it goes today