best place to get a replacement Screen?

Jozef jurcisin

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Apr 17, 2013
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performance and quality are not the best some times I need to press harder on screen + the arrow and windows logo on bottom do not light same way as it use to.


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May 20, 2013
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Bro, I just went through a screen replacement and I can say I found a really good website:

Nokia Lumia 1020 LCD + Touch Screen Assembly + Frame Replacement

I was looking around through YouTube trying to find videos of how to replace my screen and came up upon this video:

And the uploaded had put into the decription the url for the site. I bought from there and actually chose the FedEx shipping rate because I just wanted my screen. And so, i replaced using the tutorial he provided and voila! It worked fine.

The only thing I noticed is that when you have Glance on, the letters are a little bit fainter, but other than that, it feels like I have a new NL1020 again :grin:
The screen is vibrant, colors are good, the arrow, home, and search buttons all light up properly, and it even has the AT&T logo LOL

I checked eBay out too, but I just don't personally trust the sellers because they seem a lil fishy and having photos that are all the same, seller to seller.

Side by Side Comparison

The new screen responds properly to Sunlight adjustment and automatic brightness. The scrolling is also smooth as it should be.
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Steve Adams

Nov 29, 2013
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thanks for the information on the screen. I am going for that 149 one with the AT&T logo. I miss my phone. I am using my note 1 and it sucks.

a daigle

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Dec 29, 2014
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re: Jozef's post from above
" 3 weeks ago I replaced my self.
I got from ebay. So far it works for me. Most seller on ebay sucks!!!

USA Digitizer Touch LCD Display Screen Panel Assembly for Nokia Lumia 1020 | eBay "

I also used this dealer on eBay, and just replaced my screen. Here's my experience: for some reason, the package was stuck in California mail distribution center past the expected delivery date. I contacted the seller, and they worked with me to get the part delivered within the next 3 days. Great customer service, worked out shipping issue without a hitch quickly and at no additional charge.

The video mth17 provided is a great how-to you can watch as you disassemble, and it makes disassembly/reassembly a breeze. I've fixed several iPhones before and this was just as easy. I have a precision screwdriver, and that's all I really needed. I easily pried the screen up with my fingernail instead of using a plastic pry tool used in some videos.
Moving the camera/proximity module to the new part wasn't as difficult as I thought it might be. Be careful with some of the soft pads they instruct you to transfer to new part; they are held on with a double-sided adhesive that can be a pain to remove. I carefully used an Exacto knife to peel them up enough to grab a hold of.

Once I turned the phone back on, it was great to see the new screen. I can't tell a difference with scrolling or pressing on the screen to navigate, but I would agree that the Windows logo and arrow are not illuminating like they had. It maybe seems a little duller than before, but I never really paid much attention to that anyway, so not much of a deal-breaker.

I can't appreciate any difference in color, vibrancy, response to touch or anything really aside from what I've already mentioned. It doesn't have the AT&T logo, but again, not a deal-breaker for me. I couldn't justify spending an extra $30 for the chance of having my AT&T logo back or the free pry tool in mth17's post.

All in all, you're probably in good shoes getting from either of the sellers here. I browsed all over Amazon and eBay prior to ordering and these 2 are the most reliable sources I could find. I may edit this post later if I find anything wrong, or once I have pictures up from the repair.

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