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Best USB-C monitor deals: As much as $150 off 1440p and 4K screens

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Dec 17, 2013
So you've gotten yourself an awesome new laptop. That's awesome. But you've also discovered the truth facing the modern laptop - no ports! Everyone wants to go for that slick, slim design by removing ports and settling for a USB-C connection to do all the extra external stuff. While that means you have a MacBook or Windows laptop that looks fantastic, it also means you can't really expand on the tiny screen unless you have a monitor with a USB-C port. Well, fear not because USB-C monitors are more and more common these days. And the more common they become, the better the deals become.
We expect to see a lot of great deals on USB-C monitors over time. These displays continue to be very popular for all sorts of computer users. As USB-C becomes more ubiquitous, so do screens that have these ports. Keep an eye out for some major price drops this week.

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