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Black Video Screen after I capture a video with Samsung Ativ S


New member
Dec 7, 2013
I bought Samsung Ativ S an year ago. So far I didnt have any issues with it, all my pictures were excellent quality and the videos turned out great, but in the past month, every time I film a video longer than 10-20 seconds (and sometimes even that short), it leaves me with a blank file that says 0:00:00. When I attempt to play it, I get an error message that says "Sorry, we can't play this video on your phone." If I attempt to upload the file, it also shows the 0:00:00, says it's an mp4 file and shows the megabytes but won't let me play it. I get a similar error message.
I have 5+GB free space on the phone + 32GB SD Card. My OS version is 8.0.10327.77.
Video capture settings are set on default with resolution 1920x1080.
Please, if anyone can tell me what's happening here, I'd really appreciate it. I haven't been able to find any answers online and the Samsung guides and support page are absolutely no help.