Blackberry Connect for a Sprint Touch (Pro)


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Jan 30, 2005
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I am thinking seriously about getting a Sprint Touch Pro but I need the answers to a couple of important questions first:

1) Can I install the latest version of Blackberry Connect for Windows Mobile on the Sprint Touch Pro?

2) Are or can the remote management features inherent with Blackberry Connect for Windows Mobile limited to my "corporate" information?

If possible, I would be using my Sprint Touch Pro as a replacement for my current smartphone (a Palm Treo 700p) and a Blackberry. The first thing I need to know, obviously, is is it possible. But also, since I would be replacing my personal cell phone as well, I want to limit the ability of my company's IT department to manage my Sprint Touch Pro to only my corporate data. For example, I would not like them to be able to lockout my access to my personal contacts (as opposed to my corporate contacts for work) or remotely reset or erase my device. Is there a way I can limit there access using Blackberry Connect?


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May 24, 2009
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Hard to believe this has been up for 6 months without even a response, much less an answer.
I have one answer for you, you can suspend BlackBerry Connect and with the advent of MS MyPhone you could keep everything backed up in a seperate place to backup in case your company did wipe you.
I own a TP already and have tried BBC versions 4.00.103, 4.00.105, and 4.00.106 and am unable to get any of them to even work.
My company has already supplied me with a PIN, but I can't get it to connect. So does BBC not work with SPrint or what?

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