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Bluetooth / Handsfree Link with Car (Acura)


New member
Dec 29, 2012
I have two Acura - one is TSX (2012) and other is MDX (2009). After installing the 8.1 DP, understandably, I had to reconnect the Bluetooth pairing with the two Cars. With TSX it is working great, however with the MDX, whereas the incoming calls come in fine, the outgoing calls take a while to switch to Bluetooth and the voicemail certainly doesn't go to Bluetooth-Car Audio! Not a show stopper ... but would certainly like to see full integration w.r.t Bluetooth hands-free feature.

Anyone else experiencing similar problem?


New member
Apr 21, 2014
Honda Civic w/Clarion NX602 multimedia unit
2015 Jeep Cherokee

BT is not working on either of my vehicles any more.
It would sync and do both voice and audio (make calls, play music, play vm, etc.). It no longer does audio at all. It barely does calls. When it links the phone only shows voice and not audio anymore.

This means that for the most part I can make calls, but not listen to my music via Bluetooth. This is such a bummer! That was my most used feature of the phone, since I could not plug the device in my USB ports.

With that said, when I plug the phone into my USB port on the Cherokee it now reads music stored on the device! However, it does not do this with my Clarion unit :(