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Feb 1, 2013
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Hey all, first of, love the 1020, and love the camera strap (saved my phone from certain death countless times). However, today, just a matter of minutes ago, I managed to snap the strap...

I was trying to take my phone out of my pocket, and these jeans have horribly tight pockets which I loathe (I've filed proper complaint with my birth giver, so next time we refresh the jean inventory, I'll get pants with decent pockets). Anyways, as I struggling to pull the phone out of my pocket (camera grip was on, so it had extra bulk) I managed to tug too hard and snap the strap.

I only blame myself (well, and maybe my friend who was trying to pull on it the other day to see if it could break, at which point I took my phone from his hands and slapped him), and it's not a crisis, I still have an extra strap from the camera grip. This is more or less a PSA reminding everyone to exhibit caution when handling the strap. While it's a very sturdy leather, it obviously still has its breaking point.

Also, I'm not sure if anyone can answer this, but how would one go about replacing the strap? I'm fine for now, but I'd like to know ahead of time as to how I get a replacement should my second strap break? Do I swap it at the Microsoft Store, or could I perhaps contact Nokia, mail the old strap in, and have them send me a new one, perhaps for a fee?

Thanks for reading, and thanks ahead of time for any info you have. 😊

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