Broken 920 on AT&T: Looking for options.

Cole Schneider

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Sep 12, 2013
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I cracked the screen on my L920 and I'm looking at the most cost-effective means of solving this dilemma. I'm on a contract at AT&T that doesn't renew until November 2014.

My first thought was "Oh, it's not that bad, I'll live with it and not have to pay a thing!"
Now I'm noticing that I'm using the phone less and less for things I would do all the time on it (e.g. watch Netflix, read Kindle books, etc.) and that's largely because the extreme cracks are obscuring a decent portion of the screen, so I want to fix it or possibly just get a new device. A new or refurbished device seems almost preferable as I've been noticing other problems with the phone, like the headphone jack pausing music or triggering the voice control when I move around the plug, or the sim card randomly not registering, meaning I have to restart the phone.

The options:

Replace the screen myself - the parts cost about $80, and most places charge around $120 if I don't feel like I can trust myself. This solution doesn't really fix the other problems I'm having though.

Pay the insurance company for a new (refurbished?) one - costs $125, but probably will no longer be my beloved cyan.

Buy a new one - I haven't looked at ebay prices or whatever, but AT&T charges $250 for a new one with their "early upgrade" thingy.

Buy a different device - The only WP8 device that comes to mind on the cheap is the 520 for $85. Will I miss the power of my 920, though?

Anyway, that's everything I can think of. Do you internet wizards see another option I have missed? Please chime in with your thoughts. I'm a poor college kid and begged for the phone for my birthday last year, and my birthday is coming up again this year so I am possibly looking at about $100 in birthday money to replace it, as my paycheck is devoted to costs of living and saving up for an engagement ring.

Also, if this post is in the wrong section, just point me towards the right one.


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Jul 27, 2013
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I own both the 920 and 520 - I can say you will definitely miss your 920, however, you will also fall in love with this little device (520) - it blows my mind that I got this thing for only 80$ every time I use it.


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Oct 4, 2012
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I would say either get a new (refurbished) 920 and pick up a Nokia CC 1043 cyan cover to use on it if it's not cyan like your broken one. I just got the yellow and red covers for my black 920 and am using the yellow now - it's awesome!

If this isn't what you truly want, then go for the 520. You'll spend a lot less money and will still get the WP8 experience.

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