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Business PCs vs. Consumer PCs - What's the difference?


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Dec 17, 2013
[/h][h=3]The Confusion[/h]If you head over to your local electronics shopping center, the blinking LEDs and flickering screens you witness from the lineup of computers on display, are most likely coming from what OEMs call ?consumer machines?.
Since the birth of the personal computer, there have always been Consumer PCs and Business PCs; machines aimed at two separate markets that claim to be focused on what matters most for the particular individual. What truly makes a business machine what it is versus a consumer machine, and what is the state of each within today?s market?

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Dec 1, 2012
My employer retails PCs, but on a smaller scale since most of our work is business IT support. But I am somewhat familiar with consumer vs. business PCs. We actually don't sell many consumer PCs because we cannot compete on price with retailers like Staples & Walmart. We sell mostly business grade PCs, even to homeowners. A couple of the basic differences we advertise are a 3 year warranty vs. 1 year for consumer grade PCs, and better build quality.