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Camera Phone with replaceable batteries compartment ?


New member
Jul 28, 2014
Are there any phones similar size doesn't matter if it's a little bigger then the Nokia 1520 that have the rear camera 40MP like the Nuawei P20 Pro; but also replaceable batteries compartment, and to top it all off a wrap around screen ?


New member
Jun 2, 2017
Which Androids do exist with a replacement battery ?

Not much available these days unless you go back a model or two with some manufactures. Kind of a shame if you ask me as I personally do not think issues with non-waterproofed phones was that wide spread - in actuality people are probably more apt to be less careful with their devices if they own a phone that claims to be water & dust resistant /proof.

Almost forgot... Have an LG G4 that I just recently purchased another battery for. Nice to be able to bring new life into something by simply popping off the rear cover, an aspect sorely missed with phones of late - maybe after manufactures run out of ideas in phone design they'll reinstate the removable battery and call it evolutionary LOL.
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Laura Knotek

Mar 31, 2012
The last Android device with user replaceable batteries was the LG V20, which I own. However, this device is no longer in production, and many shady sellers claim to have new devices for sale, but those devices are actually used.