Can I get some help with a new Lumia upgrade?

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Help with a new Lumia upgrade

So, I know there are countless threads on here about this, and people are probably tired of answering, but I need to ask this myself, lol.

I'm in the US, I have T-Mobile, and I have a Lumia 925. I love the phone, I love testing all the new stuff from the Developer Preview, and I've had the same phone since it launched. It's my baby.

But, I think it's time to move on. The only problem is that the 1520 seems to be the only thing that I can consider an upgrade across the board...even if the size is a little intimidating. But I can get used to that. IF I can find one that works on LTE and that I can pair on T-mo's network.

I hear the 1520 RM-938 version is the only one that can be done, and it's achieved unicorn status. Is there a reliable way to find one, is there confirmation it works, and if I do switch, is there any service-provider-level differences from the 925 I have?

TL;DR: Want to switch to 1520, have T-mo, want to know how to do it and what any potential side effects are of using an unlocked phone.



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Nov 12, 2012
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Re: Help with a new Lumia upgrade

Any non-Branded to T-Mo phone and you give up WiFi Calling. Period. No reprieve. No workaround. Also if T-Mo gets the SoftCard tap-to-pay App, you won't get it on a phone not branded T-Mo.

The 1520.3 does get every data speed on T-Mo up to and including LTE. I have one. I was on T-Mo. Now I'm on Straight Talk with an AT&T style SIM. Works great there too.

The RM-938 1520.3 has the following advantage over the AT&T RM-940. The 1520.3 has Qi Charging and AT&T does not. Every 1520.3 has 32GB internal storage standard. AT&T has a rare upgrade to 32GB all others being 16GB and every AT&T 1520 needs a special case to charge wirelessly on the PowerMat format.

However, an unlocked AT&T model WILL run every data speed on T-Mo. There is a trick to unlock the valuable 1700 MHz on the 3G radio and all is golden. Same as 1520.3 without the trick.

B&H Photo seems to be the preferred seller for 1520.3 in the US according to posts on this forum. It is where I got mine and their price is usually lowest or lower than most for Brand-New-In-Box. They are a reputable seller with a solid reputation. Nokia Lumia 1520 RM-938 32GB Smartphone A00016719 B&H Photo They currently have white and yellow in stock... Guess which one I have. :grin:

BTW - Last August I had reached the same decision. 1520 was the only true upgrade from a 925. I've not been sorry 1 second I traded up.

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