Can we start a sticky about what GDR2 has done for AT&T Lumia 920 users...?


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Aug 15, 2011
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I was wondering if a sticky could be posted about what GDR2 has solved for everyone (AT&T Lumia 920)? For me, I hope it improves the way the mics are used when TellMe and Bing Music (and really anything else that takes sound as an input in general). Right now, when I use TellMe or Bing Music, only the top microphone (noise-cancelling mic?) of my AT&T Lumia 920 is taking the sound in; my evidence is the TellMe equalizer bars that go higher or lower, depending on how much sound is being taken in). When I use the top mic, the bars are higher, but when I have sound (either music or my voice) being directed more towards the bottom speakers, there is less sound taken in. The other thing I hope it fixes is battery life, and Bluetooth issues I have. At random times (off-and-on), when I get done using Bluetooth, my phone will randomly lock up and require a soft reset to turn on.

If there is already a sticky for the bugs people have been noticing being fixed after updating to GDR2 Amber, forgive me and close this thread. Otherwise, I think it would be cool to start this type of sticky as a "patience calming tool" lol.

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