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Cannot Hard Reset 650 -- Updated


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Jul 20, 2013
My 650 just got updated to 14393.189. I had a big problem with my SD card and I need to do a hard reset :-(

As I have reset protection, I entered my PIN, it says 'Restarting, but, then it errors saying 'Oops! Looks like we ran into a problem trying to turn off Reset Protection. Make sure you have a network connection and try again later'.

Tried, again, using my password, same result!

So, here I am with a phone that cannot read my SD card and all my pictures, music and most apps missing and I cannot fix it.

Update: Dumb! Looks like I got it going using the hardware keys.

Further: Something is going on! After the hard reset, it said it could not turn ON Reset Protection.
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