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Carrier billing - new to Rogers?


New member
Nov 14, 2012
So I just noticed after setting up my new 1020 that I now have a 'Rogers' option in my 'Wallet'.

I can now use it to purchase apps and songs, did I miss something or is this new to the 1020? Never saw this on my 920....It could have been here for sometime now.

Anyone else see/use this? Does Rogers charge a fee on top of the app fee?


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New member
Oct 4, 2012
Hmm... I'm not a Rogers customer but have a Rogers 920 and I actually see the same thing on my phone, only for T-Mobile (my carrier).


New member
Jun 17, 2012
I recently noticed this on all my Windows Phone's on my corporate account...

Phone models are Lumia 900, Lumia 920, and Lumia 1020... Now everyone can bill music and app purchases to my corporate account (which REALLY effin pisses me off, I've already had an issue with one of my users purchasing **** this since it happened). They made this change with no notifications to customers whatsoever.

What pisses me off even more, is the fact that the credit card I originally used for app/music on my device was removed when this Rogers **** was added, and it won't let me add my AMEX CC back. Whenever trying to add it, it states: "This credit card is already setup on this account". When it doesn't show it at all in the wallet. Thankfully I have multiple CC's and setup another one for purchases, but for the person with only one CC, I don't think this would be an option.

What a joke...

EDIT/ADDITION: 2 weeks ago the 900 and the 920 did NOT have this available as a payment option. First noticed it on my 1020, then noticed on the 920 it showed it for the first time when opening the Wallet app a week ago. When speaking to the user of the 900, they said it's been like that since they can remember.