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Charger question! 2.0A vs 1.5A


New member
Feb 5, 2015
Hello and welcome to myself ;)

This is my first thread post on this forum, I have tried google and serached here but can't find a answer to my question.

Lumia 930 Denim.

Questions(s) follows: Is it safe to use a 2.0A charger? (1.5A being standard nokia), since it is on several androids i would guess, but i have had some strange happenings using the 2.0A. Battery not going 100% maybe stops at 95% or less.. In my mind it really should not be a problem.

I had this problem after i purchaced 2x 2.A (samsung) chargers. Just seems to behave strange.

I went back and forth between the chargers 2.0A - 1.5A.. sometimes it went to 100% sometimes not.. And i guess this really is some sort of software bug..

Happened before Denim upgrade.

To also mention, i got x2 Qi charging plates from ebay, and now recentrly x1 ROUND Qi charging.. Pad? (with led light) + Some ebay third party "fast charging" usb cables.. See pictures!!

Then after using the charging plates some time "experimenting" between 1.5A(standard norkia) charger and 2.0A I still "somewhat" had the problem..

Then I FINALLY! got the Denim upgrade, wich really did not improve anything i have experienced... :-/

The Phone got Factory reset by me 2 or 3 times on fresh Denim (cleaning up somethings) And after i have ONLY been using the 1.5A (standard Nokia charger)

Today when i woke up my phone was still on 99% pluged to the nokia 1.5A... BTW, When watching SG-1 (season 5 great show! xD ) and the phone was in the charger (cable) i unplugged and replugged a couple of times!

Anyone else experiencing problems with this??
IMO as long the phone works is not a problem, but it is kind of annoying!..

I really hope someone can question this with me and help to resolve this! I now got the Windows Central APP and will follow this thread from threre =) (if that is possible..)

Thank you!

Sorry for no pictures, but because this is my 1 post i cant post LINKS.. ridiculous.

Spoiler and URL did not work either..

Vlada Nehez

New member
Dec 13, 2014
Can't really help you, since I don't know the answer.
But regarding the links, pics and other stuff, it's all anti spam protection.
Welcome to the forum. Hope you get your answer.


New member
Mar 24, 2013
There should be no problem using the 2A charger. The phone will take what it can handle and no more. As for not showing fully charged I am coming to the opinion that using a number of different chargers (as I do) each with their own algorithm for switching to trickle charge / no charge as it gets near full can confuse the battery calibration measurement which repeated serial use of the same charger seems to sort out.


Community Review Team
Nov 12, 2012
2.0 Amp is safe.
Heck, since the phone pulls what it needs, as opposed to the charger pushing electricity to it, a 2000 Amp charger is probably safe.