Charting Sea of Thieves' future with the game's creators

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Dec 17, 2013
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We sat down with Craig Duncan and Mike Chapman of Rare to learn more about Sea of Thieves' design philosophy and future.
Sea of Thieves is an interesting game. Part sandbox, part multiplayer free-for-all, it aims to be an unforgettable pirate adventure that revolves around player-crafted stories.
With no levels to grind and no powers to upgrade, Sea of Thieves' unique focus on purely cosmetic rewards and physical, intersecting gameplay mechanics has proven itself to be polarizing. Stunning visuals and explosive ship combat aside, there's not a great deal to actually do in Sea of Thieves — if you're not into player interaction, that is. Sea of Thieves has always been about the journey, rather than the destination. But with the Anniversary Update expected on April 30, 2019, the game's creator Rare is set to debut some major new features to beef up the depth of its world.
We caught up with Studio Lead Craig Duncan and Game Director Mike Chapman to discuss Sea of Thieves' ambitious "Tall Tales" narrative quest system, the new player versus player Arena, and much, much more.

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