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Chasing Zombies, a Windows Phone game where you battle candy stealing Zombies

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Dec 17, 2013

Chasing Zombies snuck under our radar and landed in the Windows Phone Store back in April. The Windows Phone game joins a crowded group of endless runner styled games but has a decent amount of appeal. You play the role of Spooky Pumpkin, who has had all his candy stolen by a pesky pack of Zombies.
You end up chasing these Zombies on your bicycle across an obstacle course full of jumps, spike pits and other deadly dangers in hopes of reclaiming your candy.
There are plenty of Zombies to bash and candy to collect with Chasing Zombies. After spending a little time with Chasing Zombies, it comes across as a fun Windows Phone game to pass the time with. Unfortunately though, Chasing Zombies is not available for low-memory Windows Phones

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