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Chime in: Will Apple, Samsung release a folding 'phablet' before Microsoft?


Staff member
Dec 17, 2013

We've long heard rumors about Microsoft's folding "Andromeda" Surface tablet, but will Apple and Samsung beat the company to the punch?
Microsoft hasn't had much luck in mobile. Following Windows 10 Mobile's catastrophic failure, all eyes have been on the near-mythical Surface "Andromeda" folding tablet, which sounds as though it could represent Microsoft's next attempt to break into the mobile market. However, Redmond isn't the only company looking to jump on the bandwagon.
Rumors have been circulating that Apple, Samsung, and other Android heavyweights are looking to jump onto the folding phone bandwagon, which hasn't even really materialized beyond prototypes and blog posts. Can Microsoft find differentiation for Surface's attempt when faced with iOS and Android-based solutions? That's a discussion taking place in our forums right now.

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