ClearBlack Display = Anti-Glare Polariser?


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Oct 29, 2011
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Ok guys, you might care less but I think this is some interesting ****. Did you ask yourself what this ClearBlack Display is, if not any fancy marketing bandwagon (at the end, the AMOLED on Lumia 800 or N9 is just Pentile matrix, right)?

Let's divide the story into 2 parts: reasoning, and evidence.


Long story short, Nokia N9's official spec is AMOLED with Anti-glare polariser but doesn't say anything about ClearBlack Display. Given that ClearBlack Display is such a big shot that Nokia is so proud of and applied onto many older high-end models, how would Nokia miss this important feature on its website? If you argue that this is a careless mistake, check out my other post Lumia 800 does NOT sport Gorilla Glass, nor Anti-glare Polariser . It clearly indicates that, if something big is there, Nokia will definitely get it under flashlight.

So how about Lumia 800? Lumia 800 got ClearBlack display but not Anti-glare polariser, but many bloggers think the screen of Lumia 800 is as vivid as the one on N9. There might be some subtle difference, but I suppose ClearBlack Display and Anti-Glare Polariser must share some secret sauce to make the display so gorgeous.


Check out this Nokia's link: So what is ClearBlack display?


ClearBlack display isn?t a completely new type of display technology like AMOLED. It?s actually a method to reduce reflections on the screen and improve visual image quality, especially outdoors.


The effect of the ClearBlack display technology is similar to that produced by a pair of polarising sunglasses. If you look at a body of water on a sunny day without a pair of polarising glasses, it?s really hard to see anything below the surface, but with the glasses on, the reflections are eliminated and you can see underneath the surface.

In the same way, without ClearBlack display, you see the reflections on the phone?s screen, but with it you see the image on the screen. However, unlike sunglasses, ClearBlack display improves the vividness of the colors: in fact, because the contrast is higher, they?ll seem more vivid.



N9 has ClearBlack Display and Gorilla Glass, whereas Lumia 800 only has ClearBlack Display, but not Gorilla Glass.



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Dec 31, 2011
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pics or didnt happen!

I dont know where this guy gets his information from but Nokia is selling the Lumia 800 as it has gorilla glass. That would be very deceiving if this is not real.

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