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Nov 23, 2008
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Well, here is an idea I've been thinking about quite a bit over the last weeks:

Since I sold my last desktop pc (am only using a notebook now), I have a flat screen monitor and high quality speakers standing in my office (which doubles as our guest room) without any use for them. I've hooked up my phone and Redfly to them a few times for some internet surfing or listening to music. At the same time, the room doesn't have a tv, although a tv socket was available.

So, this made me thinking:
There are those TV boxes which convert a PAL signal (in Europe) to a VGA signal and allow you to use a normal pc screen as a tv screen. And I found one on Ebay which even allows to overlay the tv signal onto another vga signal you feed into the box. Combining this with a Redfly which can output the phone's screen in high resolution as vga, it'd be possible to have both showing on one screen. That way you could surf the web and watch tv in parallel...
On top of that, you could play the music files you already synced to your phone through the sound system connected to the box in much higher quality than through the phone's speakers.

So I drafted a concept of how the things would have to be connected (see attached; graphics created solely on the Redfly with Pocket Artist btw.).
Technically, the TV would work fine as a stand-alone so the RedFly/MediaCenter would be more like an add-on to it. The central idea is that you could for example check your online tv program to see what's coming up next, check the news while watching tv, show your photos or play your music right from the phone...

Obviously it'd be better if an actual integrated application was provided for those tasks like for a real media center. As I can't do that I've for now settled for designing an interface as a website (see other pic attached).
I don't yet have all the necessary components but I'll do my best and build one over the summer. For now I'll only plug together all the components but with the RedFly dock becoming available later, I might try to fit everything into a small box and make it one integrated system...

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