Cool apps & games you've paid for from the windows store


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Apr 2, 2017
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Thought this could serve two purposes:

- help support the UWP platform and windows developers
- Often you don't know what you're getting with paid software until you've tried it.

So if you pay for something and it turns out really cool, maybe put it here and tell us a little bit about it :)

Play anywhere, xbox, pc, mobile, VR/AR, doesn't matter.


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Apr 2, 2017
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For mobile. Just spent a bit because I hate freemium and wanted to support those devs!

These are the apps I am really happy with.

Great paid games:

*Leo's fortune (Best casual platformer on win10m that I know of. Really fun. Play all the time!)

*Abyss (Artful and challenging - control an underwater robot)

*Deus Ex Go (all the go games are great, just great!)

Pretty Good:

*Halo Spartan Assault (Fun but a little limited. Still worth it for the casual blast)

Great apps:

*Bind Mi Band(Subscription. He's got notifications working, sleep tracking, gotta love them indie devs! Look forward to moar xiaomi mi band action)

*Fantasia Painter Pro (Some real nice filters and effects. Lovely)

*gMaps Pro (Google maps for windows, nice for when the maps app isn't up to the task, although general I find maps good actually)

*Jack of Tools Pro (Flashlight, compass, level, loads of stuff here)

*Runtastic Pro (GPS tracking and a number of exercise trackers)

*Star Chart (Nice star chart app)

*Tubecast for YouTube PRO (Really good youtube client!)

*Video 360 (Good for VR video, works with tubecast for youtube VR)

*Hand off (Cheap and fills a gap while timeline is still coming - lets you share between devices, nice for those with mobile, tablet, desktop like me)

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