Cracked screen dilemma


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Oct 22, 2014
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Just dropped my beloved Lumia 1020 in the driveway. The glass did not survive the drop, but the display itself and digitizer did. But as shards of glass kept falling out, it got stored away in the drawer and got back to my old phone. The old phone is now acting up, and I keep thinking about my almost new, but ruined Lumia.

The simple answer would be to bring it back to the store, and pay for a repair at Microsoft, but one of my buddies did just that (a Lumia 930 though), and the total ended up being more expensive than the 1020 was when I got it at first.

After that I found some local repair, who would repair it for just $70 less than a brand new one... And since I suppose they just buy the cheapest displays they can find on ebay, I figured it would be best to do it myself.

The cheapest solution would be to just replace the glass. But since I don't have an uv-light I simply can't go ahead and do that (no repair shops are willing to do it either).

So I found some ebay sellers, selling "original" screens. Are you guys familiar with the Chinese ones selling on ebay in terms of quality (screen quality, build, fit and finish, high touch responsiveness compared to the original)?

Found some on ebay selling for $140, which is about $110 less than what a repair shop wants for a repair. But again, are those actually something I would want to use everyday?

What do you think is the most optimal solution here?

Thank you in advance!


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Dec 25, 2013
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I am with the same dilemma... My glass screen was broken and I took it to a repair shop and they put a screen that looked very good in the dark, but under sunlight was completely useless, it had an awful blue glare and also the start ,search and back keys didn't lighten up. So I returned it and here I am thinking what should I do. I am looking for videos to replace just the glass and maybe I will do it myself. I don't think that the UV light is a problem, one hour under the sun here in Santiago Chile and it will be absolutely cured... Let me know if you did the glass screen replace by yourself.

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