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Creators Update First Impressions

James Falconer

New member
Nov 1, 2012
Looks like our members are starting to receive/install the Creators Update! If you're among them, what are your first impressions??


New member
Apr 2, 2017
Like the save tabs for later option. I'll definitely be using that for various web researching, shopping and other things.

The inclusion of a phone app, mobile hotspot, SMS/MMS settings is interesting to say the least (I knew somewhere in myself they were unifying mobile into windows proper but its gratifying to see this level of confirmation)

Nitelight is good because I always used to run f.lux. And gamemode is really handy for low speed devices, like my tablet, although it annoys me there's no way to set it always on for certain games (because pressing windows + G on a touch keyboard and running windowed at first, is defo an added annoyance)

Haven't really any need for folders on startmenu yet. There seems to be enough here in this update you could easily not even notice certain features.

The new windows store layout, and some of the graphical stuff like groove is nice.

I also like that they streamlined the update itself. AU took too long.