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'Darkwood' Xbox One review: A horror game that will eat you alive

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Dec 17, 2013

Darkwood is intense, difficult, and engaging, resulting in an indie horror experience that goes toe-to-toe with that of AAA development studios.
When Darkwood launched on PC in 2017, it was met with critical acclaim. Fans and critics alike praised the game's excellently paced gameplay, engaging level of difficulty, and hauntingly well-designed atmosphere, and Darkwood quickly became an indie horror classic.
Now, the game has made its way to Xbox One, and after playing it extensively for this review, I can definitely say that, for the most part, it lives up to its reputation. The game isn't perfect — in fact, it can feel pretty sluggish sometimes — but overall, Darkwood is a fantastic horror experience that will leave you craving more the second you put the controller down.

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