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Dead Battery??


New member
Mar 18, 2013
Hi. I don't know if i'm posting this in the right place.
First off, let me say that I bought my phone online and not through AT&T, so I have no warranty and my upgrade is in September, so I really want to fix this phone.

So I am from America and I am currently in Europe for the past week. My phone charged well through an adapter at one hotel. The next night in another hotel and another adapter, it wouldn't respond to the charger in the wall. I wasn't near my computer to charge it, so it died (big mistake). That night I connected it to both the computer and the wall for hours and it did not respond. The next day I continued to try to connect it to my computer.

It did that thing where it doesn't respond after it's died and eventually it would flash a few times, have the red battery screen, and then turn on. When it turns on it will charge up to 2% and then die... I have never had issues with the battery and I have had this phone for almost a year. I try to restore it but it does not really do anything, it just sits there with the 'do not unplug' screen.. Any clue what to do?

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