Destiny 2's player count falls to a new all-time low, and I'm not surprised


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Nov 10, 2023
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The revenue dropped because it's been insanely clear how much of the talent that Bungie ONCE had is gone. That 8% won't make or break a already broken company. Their constant beggar with a cup approach to such blatantly lazy and pathetic "Expansions" has broke the community. Day 1 D1 player here and I stand by these words. Lightfall was such a slap in the face I'd thought about testing the waters for a class action lawsuit. The dialogue literally cut out like they didn't finish it. I'd sit there expecting them to finish a sentence and nope that was it. So much was missing that was promised. It's the same lame grindfest loops over and over with a slightly different theme. Something a couple modders in a basement could do and better. Then they went from the more casual approach got flak for that then did a 180 and made it to silly to get a weapon or armor that you HAVE to have to be relevant sooo there went all the casual players, bye bye. I don't mind teaching people and it keeps the game alive longer same concept with mobile games and F2P vs P2P can't have one without the other. Thank God we got Byf I'll finish you're now half cocked lazy story through him it's actually more enjoyable. Thanks for crapping on a decade of my life. This is just rambling I could give you a insane list on what a joke this has become. No PVP maps, they take content away that you paid a 1000+ USD for. They refuse to update Gambit and add maps. They nerf anything fun quick but leave bugs for YEARS, Strikes are just as bad as Gambit like how many times can you do the same crap but they vault everything so now you don't have access to a GROWING list of maps. If the engine can't handle these things they should haveade a new game other games have WAY MORE CONTENT than Destiny 2 and do just fine. You're crooks and I have absolutely no respect for that dumpster fire of a company anymore. There is nothing they can do now to change my mind now it's to late. Anyone reading this thinking about buying it...don't. Like I said most the game is gone now. They did add something to kind of fill in the blanks but you won't get the actual content most of which is more enjoyable then the crap they have now. I'm glad Sony has them now let's see what new excuses they have this time I find it amusing at this point. Look it up if you don't know but it's always been something. Independence was going to make Destiny great again... What a laugh.

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