Do you still recommend Windows phone to family and friends?

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Dec 17, 2013
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Windows phone is currently between a rock and a hard place, but do you still recommend the platform to your friends?
It wasn't all that long ago that I was comfortable with recommending Windows phone to my family and friends. I've been doing it since Windows Phone 8 launched in 2012, and until recently I didn't see a reason to change that. In fact, in 2014 I switched my significant other, and her parents, over from iPhones to Lumia devices, which they love to this day.

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Jan 6, 2014
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Yes I do and will continue recommending Windows phones where it is a good fit for their usage.

The teens and young adults of course want Snapchat and other apps-of-the-day that simply will never be available for Windows. But older adults and especially elderly find the Windows platform quite easy to use, especially if some care is taken with setting up the home screen.

My dad who is 86, thoroughly enjoys a Lumia 640XL on which I've made the phone, email, Edge, News and Weather tiles as huge as possible, and hidden everything else. He couldn't care less about "apps." I made sure the five or six documents from his laptop were synced to his OneDrive account so he can access them from the Office apps on the phone.

My sister-in-law is still happily running a Lumia 1020 on Windows 8.1, it does everything she needs and takes great photos of course. I'll likely upgrade her soon to Windows 10.

And I have a couple of spare 640s that have been borrowed from time to time when a family member's expensive iPhone or Galaxy was going in for yet another cracked screen replacement. They are always astounded when I tell them what I paid for the phone new, roughly equal to one or maybe two of their monthly payments over two years.


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Nov 19, 2012
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Nope... Just can't do it any more I used to all the time but I have lost confidence in Microsoft. My dad loves Windows 10 mobile I recommended it to him after he was fed up with iPhone after 5 years but edge laid an egg and because of one website he can not and won't change over. The website in question works on every stock ios and android phone we have used it on and doesn't work on any Windows phones no matter what web browser you try in the store. This sight has no app you have to use the web.

He uses alot of flight apps and they all suck compared to the competition but would be fine except the one website that does not work if it did he would probably be all in on w10m he does not really like android but it gives him everything he needs so he sticks with it for now. Apparently when people say they don't need or hardly use apps(like my dad) and that they will be fine with Windows 10 mobile come to the conclusion they actually do use apps and shortly after ownership and a frantic search in the store the swiftly realize how pathetic the situation is.

My wife has a AT&t varient 950 and she hates the phone its junk it just doesn't work great I have tried but the damn phone is just so inconsistent after years with Windows she won't be getting another one and I won't try to convince her. My 950xl has been much better and way more reliable but has had its issues. Screen shots don't save sometimes, Hey Cortana locks up sometimes, and the black screen of death rears its head from time to time this is a bad one and I want to through my phone when it happens knock on wood hasn't happened on this newest build yet.

Have to say the iris scanner has been very pleasant for me and I have a mostly positive experience overall with the phone and do like my phone it does everything I need it to do and Imo its way better than any android phone I have used or iPhone. The operating system keeps me on Windows phone and when someone asks me about it I have no problems telling them w10 mobile is great but there are no apps and I mean no apps and won't recommend but I also won't steer them away I will tell them its a great operating system but there could be some bugs hear and there for sure and I leave it at that.

Right after posting this on my phone I open up search and my phone says I'm not connected to the internet and to check my wifi but it says I'm connected. looks like a soft reset is in order. WOW just WOW.
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Sep 28, 2014
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I don't recommend phones to people because we're all different and have various needs. I'm perfectly happy with Windows mobile and don't care what others use.

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Laura Knotek

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Mar 31, 2012
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I've never recommended any particular platform or brand to anyone I know. I didn't want to hear about it if they decided they didn't like it as much as I did.


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Oct 25, 2016
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Yes, I recommended it to friend today who sai he had to buy another Android because his old one(2yrs old) is laggy. I also recommended Windows Phone to my mother who is having trouble with her Iphone 6s plus. She doesn't want to switch because of face time. That's the app my brother uses for her to chat with her grand kids.

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