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Aug 22, 2013
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It appears as though I originally posted this in the wrong section.

So I've used many mobile OS'. I just took the dive into Windows phone 8 with my new HTC 8X on Sprint. I do A LOT with music and so thus far my favorite mobile OS has been Android. The file management, music apps and ability to download files directly onto my phone from the browser have been key. Ive been using the HTC 8x for about a week and I'm let down with the app selection but most importantly downloading from the browser is similar to the iPhone (which let me down as well). It appears that my downloads are only available on the webpage. They dont actually save to my device.

One might ask why is this important? Well not all the music I listen to is mainstream in that some songs dont make it to the App Store or iTunes, etc. So the only way I can get them is on the various sites I frequent. So having this feature is very beneficial. Any help would be appreciated.

I'm looking to download a song uploaded to a website and have it save directly to my phone storage allowing me to listen to it from the music player at any time of my choosing.

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