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Dec 21, 2015
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I tried to ask this question in another section but did not get much feed back. Perhaps this is a better section.

Some months ago I upgraded my Win 8.1 Surface Pro 3 to Win 10 and decided to start using Microsoft One Drive including my Lumia 950. I had always used POP 3 accounts in Outlook and followed the guidance from this website to establish an Outlook exchange Active x account. This successfully established the email (2) account and things seem to have transferred successfully. While I do not use the email(2) account and it is not my defaut account, it remains in the outlook home screen, which is not just distracting, it appears to somehow get selected as the email account and gets used accidentally. In addition, the contacts and calendar are duplicates. Calendar not so bad, as I can select which one to show and use, but it remains, but the contacts are actively duplicate which is always causing an issue.

How can I eliminate this duplication and suppress the 2nd. email account?

To clarify, I have office installed and am using Outlook, not the mail app. I do not believe the approach suggested will work.

Chintan Gohel

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May 23, 2014
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I remember seeing your post, I can't remember what reply I gave. :grincry:

I have outlook 2016 installed and I just added my account. Now in options > people - there's an option for show duplicate contacts - I don't know if that changes anything?

I get the feeling I relied the same way last time and honestly I'm trying to help but I don't have much experience with the outlook program.

I would suggest you contacting MS chat support and explaining the issue to them. From my own expereience, they are very helpful

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