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Evidence Carriers pushing people away from WP?


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Jun 13, 2013
Interesting articles I've read here showing some screen shots of conversations with people and their discussions with reps regarding possibly buying a new WP. The 1st article shows the screenshot conversations.

When talking with customer service reps, it becomes clear why Windows Phone isn't selling well - Neowin

Carriers like Verizon, T-Mobile, Beating Down Windows Phone? | Windows Phone content from Windows IT Pro

Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint to Blame for Windows Phone Market Share? | Windows Phone content from Windows IT Pro

I'm not too surprised. Everyone here has had a story probably about how a store rep has tried to sway them away from WP, but these articles are more than hearsay.


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Jun 8, 2013
Honestly, I think Brad may have got a bad person at Verizon. I had 5 test chats with the chat representatives from Verizon and basically repeated what he said word for word, but got positive responses from each. One person even recommended an Icon before I even asked about Windows Phone. Two said "I'm very familiar with Windows Phone! They're very nice phones.". I agree that physical stores are pushing people away from WP because I've experienced it literally 100% of the time that I've been in a carrier store.


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Jul 21, 2014
Sadly, this is nothing new. When I decided I wanted to switch my OS from Android to Window, mostly on a whim and mostly because I found the WP interface attractive, I went to my local carrier and none of the employees could tell me anything about WP. They had zero knowledge of the product. Instead they tried to persuade me to buy a Samsung or an IPhone. But I stuck to my guns and took the chance on WP. I'm glad I did.

The second time I went to buy a WP, I went to a different store. The reps also had zero knowledge of WP, and one of them flat out told me. "You want what? Who the hell buys a Windows Phone?" I thought I was going to have to wrestle my way to the register with cash in hand and my WP in the other, as they kept trying to block my path to the register with a sea of Samsung and LG products. A week later I went back to the same store and showed that rep who said "Who the hell buys a Windows Phone?" my new WP all set up, and he played with Cortana and the live tiles and was very impressed. When I saw him the month after that he told me he had been doing research on WP and kind of liked it.

But yeah, most places you go to is the same story. I'm surprised anyone has bought a Windows Phone with how difficult some of these stores make it to buy one.


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Nov 14, 2008
This has been an issue since 2011 and a Microsoft MVP at the time even started a site to record all the disgraceful reports. The site doesn't exist anymore but you can read this story that was written about it here http://www.mobiletechworld.com/2011/06/14/share-your-bad-windows-phone-7-retail-experience-now/. The site was wptattletale.com.

Ultimately, this seems to be a problem that Microsoft is incapable or unwilling to resolve and at the moment there doesn't seem to be any sign this will change anytime soon.

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