?Executive Portrait? V/s simply a ?Portrait??


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Jun 4, 2009
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The differences between the executive portraits and simple portraits are quite real and, depending upon the situation, may range from subtle to dramatic. They arise out of the purpose the portraits serve, the required preparations, and the way in which they are made.

Executive Portraits must first satisfy the foregoing concerns; additional considerations then come into play. Executive Portraits are purposeful in that they have a specific message to convey. They are, by definition, portraits of leaders. They must reveal, convey and support the sitter?s leadership status.
Executive Portraits must bring out those qualities in the subject that underscore his or her sense of command, encompassing vision and gravitas. Upon publication, Executive Portraits become visual icons representing the ideas these leaders stand for.

Executive Portraits must be flawless. This does not mean that the subject must be physically flawless ? no one is! Rather, the sitter?s positive qualities must be presented so strongly that any superficial blemishes are not a distraction for the viewer.
Executive Portraits must be specific to the individual portrayed and project a consistent message to a diverse audience. Executive Portraits are virtually always re-purposed. They may be shot for one publication, an annual report, and then reused on a future, unplanned occasion, such as when the executive is honored with an award.
No two executives are identical, but two generalities describe those I have met. They really do have busy schedules, and they absolutely demand professionalism.

what u say about executive portraits?????

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