External DVD player — not playing DVD movie — in Windows 10 Home — laptop


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Jun 17, 2024
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. . Hello, and thanks for any and all suggestions !

It's an [ LG M⋅DISC Super Multi ] RW player, that does everything. Although previously, to date, I've only ever used it for ripping music CD's to our Windows 10 hard drives. And it's always worked great for that. But I just inserted a DVD (purchased from: Sunshine Vintage Movies, of an old 1967 movie), after receiving it, to preview it, and nothing happened on the laptop I'm using, except for an 'AutoPlay' pop-up - that says:

DVD RW Drive (E):
Choose what to do with DVD movies.

[ pic of Windows app store ] Find a new DVD App Store
[ red circle w/diag slash thru it ] Take no action

. . Same pop-up appears if I click on the DVD RW Drive (E): in File Explorer > then right click > then click on 'Open AutoPlay' ... :unsure:

. . And our Windows Media Player only shows videos that we've shot from our phones, but no apparent link to the DVD movie I've put in the externa player.

. . And both the iTunes & Windows Media Player 's play music CD's super fine.

Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong? :)
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Jun 17, 2024
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Note that the DVD most likely has DRM -- you'll need a player that can handle that, or use software that will either copy the DVD or re-encode it without the DRM. There are generally 2 types of players for DVDs/Blu-rays with DRM -- licensed, which should give you all of the features, and those without official licenses, that will manage the DRM, but special features can be iffy, especially on Blu-ray discs.

That out of the way, you'll be better off using either the VLC player or MPC-HC [some prefer MPC-BC]. All 3 are available in portable versions, so you can try them, then simply delete the folder if you don't like it without any changes to Windows. TO use MPC-HC [the other two are similar] fire up the app, go to the File menu, and click Open DVD/BD...

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