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Sep 20, 2013
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Hi all!

I recently got a Lumia 521 and switched to Tmobile. So far, I like the speed of the device and the physical build of it. Have not tested out the network yet, though.

There's a few quirks that I am having, but want to start a thread for one specific one...

When I am chatting with someone on facebook message, I get an alert on my phone. Not a big deal if I'm actually using the phone, but the phone is locked and I'm talking one the computer for several minutes...resulting in 60 notifications.

On my previous phone (Android ICS device), this would not occur if I was talking on the PC. I could be chatting via phone, set the phone down, and then start sending from my laptop, and the notifications would stop going to my phone.

I should note, I am not using FB chat or the FB app for this, I am using the standard messaging application and am getting the notifications through that. I know I can make myself 'unavailable' but I generally want to be available, just not get a hundred notifications when I'm using the PC.

Does anyone understand what I am saying and know how to fix it?

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