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May 25, 2011
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I have a question for all of you and wonder how you split the cost of the family plan.

We currently have 4 lines with T-Mobile's simple choice plan.

The first two lines are around $80 plus the cost of data and the device and JUMP!
The other two lines are $10 each plus data and a device.

Basically the first two lines are charged $80 for the plan while the other two lines are only charged $20 (add of $20 per line)

I have another family member who wants to join my family plan so that they can have a free lunch. I have two concerns. Sometimes I am stuck for the full cost of the plan (doesn't really matter to me as the other lines are my parents).

Should the cost of the plan: $80 plus the $20 be decided evenly between family members. And then they pay for their own data and device?

I am considering changing how I am charging the family members so the plan cost are evenly split.

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Nov 12, 2012
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I think that's the beauty of the new Simple Choice... The more who add in, the less expensive it gets for each member.

I wouldn't let someone in (who has a job) at the base price for inclusion of the added device ($10). Your base with 5 devices comes to $110/5=$22 a device. Charge the newcomer the $22 base plus data. If they are buying a device it needs to be clear they get it in their name, based on their credit and they make the payments or T-Mo will blacklist them. That's fair to you.

Adjusting what your parents pay is not fair to them and they are your parents. That should justify a special payment class in the eyes of whomever is concerned. But I wouldn't even discuss what the parents pay with the newcomer if I didn't absolutely have to. Any questions about their involvement in the plan should be answered, "Those are my parents. Never mind what they do."

So. The new addition pays a base of $22. A subsidy of $12 to you as the "head" of the plan, yes... But a huge discount of $28 off them starting their own plan @ $50 the first device. Don't buy them a phone or make any payments on it unless they are a student or some other legitimate class of "needing help to get started." I'm quite sure T-Mo can and will treat each device as a separate purchase in terms of name. If payments come up short, just make sure to talk to T-Mo and identify which device is in arrears. If they (T-Mo) insist, drop that person's coverage.

Overall it's not fair of anyone (extended family or not) to ask you to subsidize them ON TOP OF helping them get a huge discount on cell service. TNSTAAFL.


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May 28, 2013
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I agree with the advice but don't understand what the OP said about also paying $10 extra for data for the additional lines. I'm on that plan and get unlimited data included in the basic $10 fee for the line. I know you can add more high speed data but the OP made it sound like it was a requirement.

And FYI, T-Mobile is temporarily allowing Family Plans to get 2.5GB per line until some time in 2016 instead of the .5 or 1GB "normal" amount of high speed per line. Its a free upgrade but you have to ask for it and you can only ask for a limited time. It does NOT continue on with a bump in price at the end date, so you don't have to remember to anything before the end.

As for an outsider on the plan causing problems, they could do things like use directory assistance which can really add up on the bill. I know there is an option to allow the plan owner to turn things like that off on-line (by line). Its normally $5 or $10 a month but the reps have authority to add that option for free for long term/loyal customers what ever that means.

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